How do I Manage my Estimates in the Billed Mobile Application?

You can edit and update your estimates to keep them organized. You have several options to manage your estimates effectively. Open a particular estimate and click on the three dots at the top-right corner. You will have the following options:

  • Send By Email: Click on the "Send by Email" option to send the estimate to your clients or anyone else. 
  • Share Via Link: Click the "Share Via Link" option to copy the estimate's link. If you don't want to send an estimate through email, you can send this link to share the estimate.
  • Mark As Sent: You can mark the estimate as sent to change the status of an estimate.
  • Convert to Invoice: You can convert an estimate into an invoice to pursue your business transactions.
  • Duplicate: If you want to edit the estimate but keep the original one saved, you can make a duplicate estimate. 
  • Preview: The preview option will let you see the estimate's final look. This option will show you how the estimate will look when viewed by your client or someone else.
  • Print: You can print the estimate for business use.
  • Share PDF: This option lets you send an estimate as a pdf file.
  • Delete: You can delete an estimate if you don't need it anymore in your business record.

Edit an Estimate

Click the icon beside three dots at the top-right corner. This option will let you edit and save the modified version of your estimate.

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