How to Use Billed in Dark Mode?

Billed lets you use the interface in dark Mode. Every user’s choice is different regarding the color of the interface. You can switch between dark and light modes whenever you want.

In this article, we will cover the following:

  • How to Switch to Dark Mode?
  • What is dark Mode?
  • FAQs

How to Switch to Dark Mode?

You can switch to the dark Mode in a single step:

“Click on the button at the bottom-left corner to switch to the dark mode.” 

The button is at the bottom of the left menu. So, this button will let you switch to dark Mode no matter what folder you are currently viewing. 

What is Dark Mode?

Dark Mode will turn the Billed interface into black color. Black color will replace the white color in the interface. Blue details will remain blue, and the black text color will become white.


Can I Switch Back to the Light Mode?

Click on the bottom-left button to return to light Mode. You can switch between light and dark Mode whenever you want to. Usually, people use light mode during the day and dark Mode at night. Light Mode contains a white interface, black text color, and blue color details.

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